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The proposed Silicon Quartz mining at MAHAGAMA would also contributes in a number of income streams, triggering economic development process which is already gearing itself in introducing changes within southern region of Sri Lanka with the Infrastructure development including the Port and the alternate International Airport. The proposed development would open employment opportunities for the prevailing 5.2% unemployed youth in the area.


Tsukasa Kobo

This Project is specially designed for Processing and Purification of Natural Silicon Quartz for “super Purity-Silicon Quartz powder and export directly to end users to produce various kind of high-tech products such as “Semi conductors”‘ “Optic Fiber”, “Surgery Equipment”, Aviation Industry Peripherals”, and Petro Chemical Industries.

Tsukasa Kobo

Tsukasa Kobo

Proposed Development Project will ensure a handsome price for Sri Lankan Silicon Quartz at the foreign market. Since it is a zero waste process, Mining and Processing will minimize environmental pollution compared to the existing processing methods. At present Silicon Quartz are exported with very marginal value addition and it brings a small amount as foreign exchange. The new technology will greatly help the industry to boost it.


The Tsukasa Kobo Company (Pvt.) Limited has been selected by the Ministry of Environment through competitive bidding for the development of MAHAGAMA SILICA Deposit.

The Project Proposal submitted by the Company was closely evaluated by Cabinet Appointed Negotiating Committee (CANC) under the guidance of Technical Evaluation Committee (TEC) appointed by the Cabinet of Ministers. It was further evaluated by the Department of National Planning and granted approval to proceed with the following Government Agencies have granted approvals for the development of MAHAGAMA SILICA Deposit.

  • Cabinet of Ministers
  • Ministry of Environment
  • Geological Survey & Mines Bureau
  • Board of Investments
  • Mahaweli Development Authority.
  • Urban Development Authority
  • Local Authorities


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