Social Benefits

Implementation of the proposed MAHAGAMA SILICA project will bring multi faceted benefits to the local communities. Details as follows;

The potential beneficiaries of the Project are poor people who live in the immediate vicinity of Mahagama. The Project plans to open up more than 200 direct and over 2000 indirect employment opportunities for the people of the area, thereby improve their socio – economic status.

b)   Access road network leading to the Mahagama Silica Deposit will be improved.
c)   Community hall and recreation facilities for the people living in the Mahagama area will be provided.
d)   Access to three-phase electricity provided to the plant and mining sites will also be made available for the benefit of local community and it will in turn help to start with  new income generating projects.

Technology transfers

The mining engineers, chemists, and production managers of the area who have not enough exposure to new technology in exploring, mining and production of value added Silicon products.

A well equipped laboratory will be set-up in Mahagama and provisions will be made available for training and skill enhancement of local technicians .

Local universities will also be benefited through the proposed Geology Department at Embilipitiya Technical College.

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